Plan Golfing Holidays in Abu Dhabi – Have Fun

The fun about Arabian Desert and beaches may not naturally spring to one’s mind when thinking to visit a beach golf vacation. Be that as it may, Abu Dhabi, as of now the world's wealthiest city, offers luxury beach hotels, various different golf courses, Golfers, and also year round sun.

If you are planning golfing holidays in Abu Dhabi that has it all - plenty of culture, pristine sand and glorious sunshine - you cannot turn out wrong by booking a holiday break in this beautiful city. As we know that this city is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking buildings and lovely climate.

Whenever you desire to admire and amble along the sea sites, or want to get the heart touching with something more dynamic then Corniche is also a beautiful option available for you. Because its wide pavement makes it perfect for cycling or rollerblading, so it will be a good idea if you hire a bicycle to exercise your muscles. And if you are not satisfied with Corniche then stroll down and find other destinations to get the best refreshment in the wake of landing from your shabby flights to the emirate.

Book golf holidays with us to get more exciting offers and to get the best destinations to visit in the richest city of the world. Abu Dhabi golf a champion standard operated by Troon. When you book golf holidays with us we will let you know about what to see in Abu Dhabi to make your visit more exciting. There are various golf courses, city course and clubs are available to see. Let's have a look on these:

Equestrian City course and Abu Dhabi golf
Enjoy all of three golf courses of Abu Dhabi within City's beach lodgings.

Troon operates Abu Dhabi Golf with seven salt water lakes in an 18 hole champion standard course. Beautifully maintained greens and top end facilities make it in the top courses of Middle East.

As same, Sand Course of Abu Dhabi can add a genuine test to your holiday. At the point when was the last time that you jump started from a 'darker' rather than a ‘green’? The Al Ghazal Sand Golf Course is truly outstanding of its kind on the planet.

There are various luxury beach hotels, having a very short distance from Abu Dhabi Golf Courses. These hotels offers marvellous après-golf services including romantic elegant restaurants, sports cars and swim up bars. You can also enjoy a journey on the water embark on a coastaline or aboard a speedboat tour of the area.

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