Tiger Woods

In less than a year after turning Professional at the age of 20 in 1996, Tiger Woods became the number 1 position player in World rankings in 1997. In his first year as a Professional Golfer he won 3 PGA Tour Events and his first major, the 1997 Masters.|

Tiger Woods is not only the most successful Golfer of all times but also became the highest paid athlete in the world through winning prize money and Million Dollar Endorsement Deals. Another record that no other Golfer has ever achieved is to stay at No. 1 position in World rankings for a total of 683 weeks. Eleven times Tiger Woods has been awarded PGA Player of the Year.

Tiger Woods apart from becoming the youngest and fastest to win 50 tournaments on tour, he has won 79 PGA Tour Events and 14 professional major golf championships. Apart from Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods is the only golfer to have achieved career Grand Slam three times. His tally of World Golf Championship wins stand at 18.

Following are Tiger Woods winning record till October 2017.